Latest News: Round Reset

14/07/2009Hello all,

Please be aware that i am going to restart the round on the 16th July at 08:00 Game time. There will be an outage of 1-2hrs while i do some reconfiguring.

Changes i plan to make:
- I plan to increase the weapon damage for long range weapons to increase the incentive for emperors to use Battleships and Titans and not be so reliant on Scion class designs.
- I want to create an incentive for players to always have a fleet up or suffer attacks, so i am going to make some changes to the rules for attacking. Currently im not sure 100% on how im going to achieve this (players can provide input via community forums if they like)
- Change the Election so it only chooses players that have logged in recently ie last 72hrs.
- Create an exchange resources page
- Allow sectors again
- Alter ship component weights

These changes are endeavoring to achieve change of play with-in the game and to add a little more cut-throat action :-) Hope you enjoy

- Pestilence

Edit: I made a change to the time
Edit: Added more content to the changes
Author: Pestilence

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