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Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 5/9/2006 at 4:48

This is your action news reporter reporting news as it is news

in the early goings of the new Felonius empire today we report the mysterious loss of ships docked at the space port

the Amiral went to go for a joy ride in one of the new sub-space fighters and only found wreckage in the docks

in a statement read to the military council it seems that because of past glory there were several pirate attacks resulting in loss of these ships

as a result of these attacks the admiral has decided to make it clear to all that he will avenge himself on the responsible parties or those parties that have seemed to encourage this action


Admiral Felonius will now begin the building of the ROTN Alliance and will raid shipping lanes to anyone who needs a good thrashing

Whistler reporting from the Felonius Empire

thanks for your time and we return you to your regularly scheduled programing

Mean Mayhem
Advanced Poster
Location: Bournemouth,England

Date: 5/9/2006 at 7:19

Colonel Mayhem would just like to let everyone know he has finally located his home planet :) Its black and ugly and looks like a barren :(

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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date: 5/9/2006 at 7:40

... sending echo signal ....
... sending echo signal ....
... sending echo signal ....
... **no reply** ...

looking confusely around, Lord HellSing still pondering his mind with a question.. Where the hell is my home world????...

"Soldier, keep on sending that echo signal until we got any reply."

"Yes Lord HellSing".

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Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 5/9/2006 at 8:01

"Open communications"

"Aye Admiral"

"ive got to find myself" hummm sounds like an identity crisis in the works hehe

as long as you tell me your name my ships can find their way

"leave communications open and monitor for traffic"

Aye Sir"

Advanced Poster
Location: Las Vegas,NV USA

Date: 5/9/2006 at 13:37

this is dadoctor reporting from the superman empire, here it seems our supreme leader, superman, got really drunk last night, he appears to be stumbling around, lets talk to him.
"your majesty, what do you think of our new homeworld?"

"well, its nice, a little smaller than i want, but we can fix that"

"any plans sir?"

"yes, but if i told you i would have to kill you."
supreme leader superman grabs the reporter by the throat
"still want to know?"
"ehhh, no,no "
"well then, dont have something else to report? like our echo machine is down, and i want it fixed! now!go now"

hehe, that was our supreme leader superman, im gettin otta here before he gets pissed.

Location: my crypt

Date: 6/9/2006 at 2:30

This is Lestat reporting. i have recived an annonymos message has been recived and it wasnt very nice, i will patch you all through on the view screen"

*puts a message on the viewer*

a man with a face blurred out and a voice changer
"this act of coward's attacking with stealth ships and not leaving the curtisy of a "haha i killed you" note will not go unpunished.

the Commadore of the ROTN Raiders will not allow himself, or anyone that calls themself ROTN to be attaced by a blaitent act of disrespect and cowardes. All who resist the Raiders will be dealt with harshly and without mercy.

ROTN Raiders
Death comes on Swift and Silent Wings"

*transmition ended*

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Location: Location: Location: Location:

Date: 6/9/2006 at 22:11

Governor Wonder and a few brave citizens of the old Steviewonder Commonwealth were able to barely escape the bizarre destruction of the old universe in a squadron of outdated Sub-space Fighters. On Sunday they arrived at a strange new uncharted world with their ships running on fumes so they were forced to land. Once colonization of the new planet was underway they found the sole inhabitant, a hermit with a herd of cows who calls himself the Milk Man. Thus, the planet got its name.

Now, a few days later, Governor Wonder is now struck at how violent and agressive the inhabitants of the local systems are. Already they have wiped out the new Commonwealth's meager fighter squadron and swarm menacingly in the skies above. The Governor has been forced to take steps, beginning with some vital research, toward the foundation of a glorious future for all citizens. He also has secured membership with the valiant ROTN Raiders, known for their courageous, clever, and honorable characters. Governor Wonder pledges his undying loyalty and support to this noble organization of Pirates.

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Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 7/9/2006 at 1:45

Once again this is you Action News reporter Whistler of the ROTN news network reporting from the Felonius Empire

Recently the Admiral Felonius has ordered research to begin for stage 1 warfare

the once peacfull empire has be brutaly and viciously atacked and the admiral has declared a state of war exists in the empire

All citizens are urged to take appropriate measures to protect themselves and support all efforts to to mobilize the fleet

as a result of this mobilization several new jobe have been opened up and the Admiral hopes this will also bring prosperity to the empire and its citizens

The admiral thanks the citizens in advance for their cooperation and support

we now return you to your regularly scheduled programing of "A Tribute to Croc Hunter" already in progress

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Location: Las Vegas,NV USA

Date: 7/9/2006 at 23:51

we bring you special report from the lead pirate ship orbiting the superman homeworld

welcome folks, it seems as if our supreme leader superman, has gotten the hang of this strange new universe, and what a beautiful universe it is might i add. this is just a warning, if your not a pirate, be ready to walk the plank, cuz we are comin!

dadoctor out.

Location: my crypt

Date: 8/9/2006 at 1:06

*flipping through the channels and stops on a news report by dadoctor"

"this is just a warning, if your not a pirate, be ready to walk the plank, cuz we are comin!"

hmmmm, since when do space ships have planks?

Advanced Poster
Location: Las Vegas,NV USA

Date: 8/9/2006 at 13:44

they only come custom made, and its very expensive, i saved up for 3 years to buy my first one:)

Advanced Poster
Location: Location: Location: Location:

Date: 8/9/2006 at 18:19

Stage 2 of military research is now underway in the Steviewonder Commonwealth... however, we are now so poor that we had to settle for the single-layer titanium planks on our pirate ships :(

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Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 8/9/2006 at 19:40

Once again this is your action news reporter reporting from the ROTN war council offices

IN a conversation overheard in the military council admiral Felonius was heard ordering the beginning of research for stage 3 warfare

this came as a surprise to this reporter as the admiral is klnown for his calm and no aggresive nature (NOT)

during the meeting the admiral was in good spirits and is expected to make a public statement in an interview granted this reporter to take place within the next 2 days

we now return you to programing already in progress

"today in the life of a Goochy Bean"

Advanced Poster
Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 9/9/2006 at 19:53

Good evening ladies and gentelmen. this is your action news reporter Whistler with a special event for this evenings entertainment

This reporter has been granted an exclusive interview with the infamous pirate Admiral Felonius.

"good evening Admiral"

"Howdy there Mr. Whistler"

"lets get started with a question i know is burning in the hearts of the universe WHAT IS A GOOCHY BEAN"

"Well i am glad you asked that since it is one of the most versitile and my personal favorite crop harvested on the home world ... A goochy bean is a magical bean that can be used to make anything you want and it grows abundantly on the homeworld and no where else in the universe"

"Well no that that is cleared up, tell us all how you happened to come to this universe?"

"In a galaxy far far away there was an evil emperor that ruled with an iron fist.
Myself and a band of pirates known as the ROTN Raiders decided to move to another galaxy and explore the possibilities of building a new and respectable empire."

"and how do you like this new unverse?"

"We are happy here in our new home and the ROTN Raiders is stronger than ever"

"Tell us your plans for the future"

"Our plan is simple, We will pillage and plunder our way to the top and Raid any and all empires that threaten peace in this galaxy. (Or anyone we want)"

"Since time is running short do you have anything else you wish to add?"

"Well hummm, I think that the only thing i will add at this time is that while this universe is new and we are all testing things out i would like to sugest that we all kee pto the code and obey the laws of the universe and the supreme ruler David and report all weirdness and not exploit these glitches to the proper athorities so that they can be sorted out and dealt with properly rather than trying to take advantage during a time of chaos. by doing this it will keep the future fair and balanced for all just like your reporting."

"thank you for your time today Admiral and may the force be with you always"

Omce again you have been reading an exclusive interview with Admiral Felonius of the ROTN Raiders

Now stay tuned for an exciting episode of "How the stomach turns"

Advanced Poster
Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 15/9/2006 at 11:11

With the completion of Starge 4 Warfare research coming to an end the empire is screaming for more metals to build a new fleet to protect the empire and explore new planets in the system

Goochy Bean production is also in need of boosting

The empire is looking for new scientists to bring new research to help in boosting all aspects of the empire's economy, military and exploration possibilities
The ROTN coincil has approved a science fair to be held to seek out the finest minds in the galaxy and challange then to bring new technologies and prosperity to the empire

All winning entries will be awarded with their own Goochy bean processing facility to be built on their homeworld or place of choosing

good luck all and let the games begin

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