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Location: UK

Date: 31/1/2007 at 15:12

Since the discovery of the energy source Cold Fusion (CF) Civlu, the homeworld of the Zaulu, had changed considerably. Within 30 years of its discovery every country on the planet was using CF energy and over 90% of the planet used CF as its sole energy supply. Environmentalist around the world celebrated as the friendly energy guaranteed the long term survival of the planet, limited natural energy was no longer required, wars over energy supply’s had ended. Little did they know that 150 years later Civlu would be no more.

It was not longer after CFs discover that a country on planet Civlu launched the first ever CF vessel into space. This vessel reached the next nearest planet within an hour and after 13 hours of flight, had reached the last planet in Civlu’s Solar System, discovering 3 new planets while on its course. It wasn’t long after that country’s of Civlu started to rapidly develop CF space vessels in a frantic race to claim neighbouring planets as their own. Eventfully space vessels were equipped with weapons, army’s of troops were sent into space and wars on neighbouring planets took place. The world of Civlu was in turmoil, country’s launched large scale attacks on their rival space exploring counterpart’s, the last world war on Civlu had begun.

127 years after the first CF vessel explored space the Zaulu race populated over 200 planets in 16 Solar Systems. Planet Civlu was now controlled by just 5 of its original country’s. The previous 314 country’s that once occupied Civlu had either been wiped out, had evacuated the planet and claimed their very own world or was a part of a union of country’s under a new name. The remaining country’s on Civlu, each of whom had already claimed at least one other planet as their own, continued to savagely bombard each other. The population of Civlu was just one eighth of its size 127 years ago. By the time just two country’s remained on Civlu, its neighbouring planets grew jealous that their homeworld was no longer theirs and agreed that the planet should be destroyed. “No one Zaulu country should own the planet of our birth” was the news message sent around the Solar System, 6 days later Civlu was destroyed.

More to follow...

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