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Date: 7/2/2007 at 10:52

Civilization in the universe is still a dangerous place. The new technological advancements in engines have made space exploration a rapidly growing enterprise for young fledgling empires.

As these small empires grow their recourses grow with them and so does their ambition for domination in the race for supremacy.

In their rise to power these empires formed alliances for protection and the strongest alliances began warring against each other competing for the right to claim their name to the highest honors, to be named in the Hall of Fame of the Atorian universe.

Rivalries began to form and empires would reach across sector lines and ask for assistance from neighboring sectors for protection making alliances larger. As these alliances grew and the civilizations became more advanced the empires flourished. Collecting recourses from the newly discovered and forcibly taken planets the empires also grew their military forces.

As the universe fills with new empires springing up more and more rivalries form and small wars start and planets change hands at a feverish pitch some of the stronger alliances offer help to smaller empires to bring them into the fold to help keep the alliance strong with new recruit empires.

This is the Rise of Civilizations

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