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The Atorian-IPA War (by Firewall)

The war with the Atorian Empire Started on 21 July, 2051 after 3 years of constant bickering. The IPA had, many times, called on the Atorians to disband their empire, and join the IPA. The Ators, on the other hand, had already made their position VERY clear; They’d felt the boot of the Masters and the Invid, and were dis-interested in joining the IPA, especially under the terms the IPA demanded.
In late April, 2050, the moon RAU-185.4.2 was garudaformed for Garudan life; Hin-rich atmosphere was released into the already life-supporting, NO, O2, CO2, etc, atmosphere. No indigenous animal life was present, and the plant life of the planet formed a sprawling, near planet-wide forest. A zone of thin plant life (higher elevation) near the planets main ocean was selected as the initial colonization zone. 3 months into the program, the first settlers (convict Master and Invid-era collaborators) arrived. The quickly turned-to on developing their assigned region, even using solar-powered farming implements (a gift from the Humans).
The colony was successful for 2 years; Then, the bloody Ators dropped an anti-matter bomb on the planet. All life on the planet was gone; The atmosphere the IPA had worked so hard to develop and support was stripped away. Plants petrified in place (they never even had a chance to burn off).
The Garudans were the MOST upset at this development; The audacity of destroying a largely peaceful agricultural colony was enough in itself to incite the IPA, but the Garudans took SPECIAL anger over it; These were convicts, but they had done NOTHING to deserve death.
Within one week of the attack, the IPA had a unanimous declaration of war; Only the Spherians did not vote (as they were not yet part of the IPA), and the Haydonites abstained (the Haydonite position being this planet was settled to test Atorian resolve; And tested it had been). Never the less, the Spherians voted a resolution in support of the IPA, and the Haydonites, once the declaration was passed, did everything in their power to assist the war effort, to the extent that, less critically necessary, even repair to their home would be put off in favor of IPA warships. More than 1ØØ warships would put in at the broken Haydon IV for repairs, and individual Haydonites even opened their own premises to be used as hospital, factories, and etc. (This was not a singular event; Every planet in the IPA assisted in similar fashions, and a rogue element to the Spherians even jumped-planet to serve in the REF as mages.)
The Ators fought well; Let’s put that down right away. Their ships were, in no way, a match for IPA warships, nor were their fighters a match for ours. Never the less, they fought bravely and with a valor that even the most hardened of Ator haters respected. The Ators realized, very quickly, their weaknesses, and developed countermeasures; A system of massed hit-and-run attacks, in which as many ships as could be mustered would charge head-long at our fleets, strike en masse with nuclear missiles one or two of our ships with the hopes of disabling (or better still, destroying) it, and ten scatter, using a starburst formation to escape. Using their FLT drives in-system, they were faster than out ships; We couldn’t simply track their course and fold in front of them, and they would zig-zag. Also, as they detected a spacefold in front of them, they’d simply change course and run away again.
Their massed hit and run tactics proved of limited success; Though they would throw a LOT of missiles at our ships, our anti-missile defenses usually were capable of defeating the attack. Fewer than 2 dozen ships were so badly damaged that they were abandoned (after being stripped of whatever parts could be removed/destroyed). Only 5 ships were actually destroyed. For the most part, though, a vessel would be “Badly damaged”, in other words, she’d have massive, but repairable damage. Fleet commanders, however, preferred to select the most damaged ship, use it for parts, then destroy whatever remained of it. This was were most of the destroyed ships come from (other than the 5 listed before).
The reason for this was practical; Though the ships COULD be repaired, the types of damage couldn’t be repaired by the fleet; For example, USS CICSO’s entire bow was blown off, taking her bridge and Reflex Cannon. She could easily have return to fleet command or to Haydon, have the destroyed sections rebuilt, and gone back into the fight, but 14TH Fleet commander, Adm Grent (Human) elected to use her as a “long pig” (the colloquialism for a parted out ship used to get the rest of the fleet off and running). This sped up the course of the war by SEVERAL months, as vessels, which previously would have had to return to a repair facilities, now could stay in the fight. The wisdom of this has often been debated, as historians and scholars argue that damaged vessels should have been returned to shipyards; However, having been on a long pig, I speak from personal experience when I say that ships COULD have been saved, but weren’t worth it; It was better that the fleet stayed in action, and sacrifice the one or two lost. (I was on several ships, but USS GRISOM was the only one stripped for parts.) Also, those who argue for “Full Fleets” (as the doctrine is known) fail to accept that so many ships were damaged that to do so would have kept half the force down at any given time; Were as using stripped ships kept 95% of the fleets underway at all times, and no individual fleet set out with less than 8Ø% power. This ended the war in about ¾ the time, which, using averaging maths, saved about 25% of the REF’s forces (factoring in that REF losses reduced on a monthly basis over the course of the war; 75%, if you DON’T factor reducing casualty rates).
Our counter-tactic to their massed hit and run charges was to detatch individual GARFISHES re-quipped with the same FTL system used by the Ators; We had obtained a few samples early in the war from damaged Ator Warships, and had been aggressively cloning them. Though we were never able to produce SDF-capable FTL’s in sufficient quantity to justify the effort of doing so, we were, after only a few weeks, fielding fleets of both GARFISHES and IKAZUCHIES retro-fitted with FTL drives. We’d simply chase them down in-system, disabling their FLT and auxiliary drives, then taking them intact. In an irony of war, there were more REF warships destroyed and damaged/abandoned than Ators ships destroyed. No Ators ships was EVER so badly damaged that she had to be abandoned. This was very deliberate; We wanted as many Ator ships INTACT to serve the REF’s needs as possible. Many an Ator warships would become a factory, a warehouse, hospital, etc. Though the Ators made a big to-do about it, less than 1% of their warships actually became prison ships.
Ironically, on both side the generally most effective platforms were the weakest of the types; Of the IPA’s fleets, the GARFISH-Class, with it’s very limited mass, proved the best chasers; For the Ators, the nimble Space Fighter proved most able to get into the IPA battle fleets and deliver damage, while suffering relatively little losses at first. Once it was realized that our Veritechs simple weren’t up to the task of ship-chasing, we started holding them back, instead using them to destroy Ator fighters. This was to prove the final defeat of the Ators; Unable to really hurt the REF, and with their own ships being taken intact to be used to support their enemies, defeated in the field against them time and again, and with virtually ALL of their planets occupied, they had been steadily pushed ever back until finally Fehran itself was occupied. The battle of Fehran itself was a microcosm of the war; The final battle fleet of the Ators faced off against 12 REF Fleets, with virtually every ship in brand-new condition (though nearly ALL had superficial, cosmetic damage, NONE had any system even on low-power), and every single auxiliary ship was a captured Ator ship. The Ator Battle Fleet itself looked like the REF’s polar opposite; Ships had clearly been patched up, a few showed signs of fire, and one actually CAUGHT FIRE before the battle itself started. Yet not a single one was destroyed by the REF, and all but 4 were captured INTACT, if disabled (drives and weapons systems damaged). About 1.2 MILLION Ator and allied personnel were captured. Even space fighters USUALLY were disabled, and their pilots captured. (It was the pilots, in fact, that revealed the desperation of the Ators; Girls as young as 16 were flying fighters, and many of the ships crews included boys, some as young as 1Ø.) Less than 1ØØ Ator and allied personnel were killed. Many more than that of REF personnel were killed; About 1,ØØØ REF, mostly Veritech pilots, were killed in that battle. Never the less, The last Ator battle fleet was swept aside, and the planet, Fehran itself, was in target.
The landing proved equally a microcosm of the war; The Ators and their allies would stand FIRM at whatever positions they choose to defend, until too many of their people had been stunned to even hold one building; Then, they’d withdraw in whatever order they could, link up with another unit, and make a stand there. So it would repeat, over and over, until the last holdouts made their own last stand; About 1,ØØØ Ators and allies in a hilltop villa, which had formerly been a private residence of the High Empress herself; The high empress had been stunned and captured about a week before.
It is ironic that the REF’s stun weapons so easily defeated Ator body armor, whereas only a lucky, or very carefully placed (sniper) shot by the ators using their biggest infantry weapons rarely penetrated even CVR-3; When it was realized how MUCH overkill a mere H-9Ø was to the Ators, the REF ceased combat operations and offered the ators a truce. The Ators refused, and prosecuted their OWN counter offensive, which the REF would not follow up on. Whatever missiles WERE launched were simply destroyed en route, or the damaged absorbed. This rattled the Ators, but not enough to make them accept their plight.
The REF ceased all combat operations for a week to allows their forces to equip with the Putman Stun Gun and get their people qualified on same. Though this DRASTICALLY reduced the level of death, it did nothing to improve the image of the war at home; The civilian populace of the IPA, still hurting from the attack on RAU-185.4.2, wanted a maximized body count. This the got, but all in POW’s. Though this would prove to be a boon to IPA image later on, it is credited with costing Adm HUNTER-HAYES her Chairmanship in the short run. (This later paid it’s OWN dividends, when Miriya PIRANO-STERLING ran for the position, reminding people of the humanity of the REF in the late war.)
Regardless, the Ators suffered fewer than .Ø1% KIA, vs. the REF suffering .ØØ1% KIA; This, in spite that the REF was using non-lethal weapons in personal combat, vs the Ators using their biggest guns. (This would also set the precedent for later war REF restraint, even against the mighty Gammina Consortium.) The WIA rate, however, was disproportionally inverse; The REF suffered a near 25% WIA rate, whereas the Ators suffered about a 2% WIA rate, once you factored out injuries DIRECTLY attributed to the use of Putmans. (If you do factor that in, they suffer a 92% WIA rate.) Capture rates for REF were around 1%; Most of our KIA’s were, in fact, POWs killed by their captors. Capture rates for Ator forces was 98%, with about 2% successfully eluding REF forces until the end of hostilities. The vast majority of these were on Fehran itself, and outside of te capital, most went underground, grabbing civilian clothes and discarding their military id’s. These, generally, were treated as refugees, and it is not known, to this day, how many of these supposed “refugees” were Ator military.
The Ators had one advantage at the outset of hostilities that the REF didn’t; Numbers. They had almost as many warships as the REF had total personnel; A 5ØØ to 1 advantage. However, their far inferior technology, combined not unfortuitously with their inferior tactics (which had evolved around suppressing insurrections by civilians, as opposed to actually fighting wars), formed the greatest part of their defeat at the hands of the REF.

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Hi there, im Firewall from the zaulu race and im writing stories every couple of days, trying to make atorian much more fun and exciting to read and play!

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In the year 2199, 148 years after the atorian IPA war, the race vaxeta has became instinct from existance. the two races traxian and zaulu were joined apon a space membership meeting at the atorian space hall. for the only reason was the end of atorian universe. the Atorian world had only 2 weeks to figure out how to stop the meteorite from hiting every single planet in Atorian space. how the meteorite came to be was from the clumps of metal and gases from all the destroyed ships floating in the air. All the fighting from the three races zaulu, traxian and vaxeta caused the meteorite to transform into a massive bal of metal and gas. there can be only one way to stop this.
to be continued....

if anyone has a great idea of what the title for my new story can be then plz reply thank you!!

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Here's a good title: Atorian Wars, The Lost Vaxetian Colony

Thought to be extinct, The Vaxetians make a surprise come back when a colony, thought to have been destroyed makes a strong resurgence in the Traxian Zaulu battles.

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gd name jvstice

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im thinking of a more of a 'Atorian wipeout' because its goner get wiped out by a meteorite

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OK how about "Atorian, Doom Approaches"

As the Meteor nears, the Traxian, Zauluan and the Vaxetian races must set aside their differences and find a way to work together to prevent this danger from destroying them all. They send their best leaders to a neutral planet to discuss the matter.

One man steps forth with a suprise plan that stuns all of the delegates representing the races...

* I know you only asked for a title, but I just couldn't help myself lol

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lol i shall add that in jvstice


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This topic has been dead for a long time now, and this part of the forum... I guess ill change that XD

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Episode I: The Zaulu reign

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away...

(also, Odysseus5 and Ithaca2 are basically the same person. I made 2 forum accounts and forgot the first ones password, i hope you dont ban me for multi accounts pesti XD)

Chapter One:
The beginning.

Odysseus Ares felt good. He had just applied for the newly formed Serph Royal Navy, after completing his basic ground trooper, basic pilot, mediocore pilot and basic tactics exams with distinction. He had just been promoted to 1st stage fighter pilot, and was very proud. Odysseus yawned, and checked the scanner. He was on a recon patrol, in a Serph "Stingerhead" E009 fighter. The named "Stingerhead" came from some 3rd stage pilot who joked about the long nose of the E00 class fighers, and now everyone called it Stingerhead. The scan came up clean, and Odysseus decided to ask Hangar Control to let him return to the mothership a little early.
"HC? This is Odysseus, reqeusting early recon leave." The captain did not sound happy when he answered Odysseus.
"Well, no. You see, if you and Zach had put on infrared and THEN scanned the area, you wouldve seen THE MASSIVE ZAULU INVASION FORCE!!! Land your fighter on something, i dont care what it is, asteroid whatever, and put up some IRPS intel probes IMMEDIATELY!!! Zach, you too. HC Atren out." The line went dead.

After putting up his IRPS on a remote planet, which took some 4 hours to search for and land on, Odu beeped Zach to check on his progress.
"Zach? this is 1st stage pilot Odysseus."
"Cut the Terteth ghwano Odysseus. Cant best friends talk normally, even in an emergency?" Odysseus grinned. This was Zach as he knew him.
"Ok, ok. Well did you do the IRPS routine? Im all done, and believe me, this planet reeks with Felucian. If im lucky, they wont ambush me. Where are you?"
"Well im on some asteroid, and im still wearing my suit. Im running low on oxygen, and im almost done with the IRPS. BTW, whats showing on your scanner? Atren didnt sound happy." Odysseus opened his IRPS screen, and let out a low whistle.
"Zach, you wont believe this! Zaulu's got 5 battlecruisers down here! Command is retreating!" Odysseus heard a a gasp from Zach's line.
"OMG! How on Serphia did they get THAT many capitol ships!?"
"No idea, but this looks serious. They also have several thousand mine layer ships! And the worst part is command is leaving us behind!" Odysseus could just see Zach paling under his bright green skin.
"What now?"
"I have no idea... Maybe we can hide out on Iziz for awhile, until this all settles, one way or another."
"Odysseus, your probably forgetting Zaula has most possibly takin over Iziz and the whole Serphia sector with 5 b cruisers! We have Serph fighters, remember? Flying in the Iziz docks with the Serph emblem on our ships would be suicide."
"How do you know Iziz will be captured, smarty spritey?" Odysseus knew the answer to his question. 5 Battlecruisers is no joke. Last time that happened, aeons ago, was when the Empire attacked the rebels. (just cant help quoting from star wars lol)
"You know my answer, Odu. Anyway, do you still have that nanospray?"

Zach landed his Stingerhead neatly on a patch of grass on the remote planet Odysseus was on. Zach emerged from the c***pit, and said they must immediately start spraying. Odu had smuggled nanospray (spraying with nanospray on city walls basically equals spraying grafiti) aboard his ship 2 days ago for emergency ship identity spray. Odysseus handed Zach a canister and coded in brown and grey into his nanospray, and with one click the whole SH fighter was brown and grey, the standard citizen colour of ships and vehicles galaxy-wide.
"Where do we hide the weapons, Zach? Putting them here will just rot them. The ground on this planet can melt all metal substances." Zach scratched his head.
"I have no idea. And you?"
"Not a clue. Maybe we should let them rot..." Zach sighed.
"Ok, well lets do it." Half an hour later the duo watched the highly expensive ion laser cannons melt. With a "Iziz is waiting" from Odu, they climbed into their newly sprayed non armed ships and set off for Iziz, the ancient modern city.

End Chapter one.

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I just forgot the / at the end... srry XD well i hope its readable enjoy XD Btw heres an overview:

Serph: The Serph Empire. At the beginning they ruled the known galaxy in peace (the known galaxy compared to the unknown galaxy = about a penny compared to the earth) but the Zaula has, obviously 5 BC is pretty powerful, taken over. Serph also means something like: Serph fighter, bomber etc.

Serphia: one of the numerous "sectors" in the Serph empire. It is said Serpia was once called Tatooine, but no actual proof has been found.

Stingerhead: Nickname for the long nosed E00 version fighter.

Zaulu Race: (srry for the anti Zaulu stuff but Vaxeta doesint like Zaulu(DUH)) A droid and unknown species empire, calling themselves a "race". These species include genetically engineered creatures, which was outlawed in the Zaulu-Serph galaxy in the universe. Serph once controlled this galaxy but, well im just being plain useless right now. But you get the overall point ;)

Serph (the planet): A desert planet, was once called Tatooine, and is the center of the Serph Empire. It is mostly uninhabited, but the areas that are, have cities, like Geocra, with over 20 million people. Overall Serph has 10 billion inhabitants, with absolutely no pollution and there is still 90% building space on the planet. The SE's (serph empire's) center of government is in Geocra.

Hope all you Atorian out there read this.

Odysseus, Ithaca2

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Episode I: The Zaulu Reign

Chapter Two: The ancient modern city

Iziz was very much like some tycoon who built a couple of skysc***ers in the middle of a jungle with Incan temples. Iziz was practically full of jungles, except at the polar caps. The Cequin civilization built their temples here over 50 000 years ago from the strong tytonite rock, and heaven alone knows how they moved the massive boulder blocks and shaped them. Then, 50 000 years later, the Serph Empire decided to make use of the rich mineral and fuel deposits of Iziz. And today its full of big industrial cities between ancient temples.

Zach and Odysseus landed their ships in the Galamos main docks after the green-light from some intelligence droid. They clambered from their ships, very tired from the long travel. Starfighters didnt have hyperspace, so it really took long.
"Odysseus, why does Iziz suddenly have a droid at Dock Control? This proves my point of Zaulu taking over."
"Ok, i give up. You win the argument. Ah man, why am i seeing a welcoming party? I think were in trouble..."

Two hours later Zach and Odysseus was sharing a cell with some Cequin female, with a tongue as sharp as an electron sword. They had been locked up by the Galamos Police Force "for inspection reasons". Odysseus suspected the GPF knew they were Serph. He discussed the matter in Sprientan (Zachs, who is a sprite, homke language. Zach is a green-skinned winged sprite. Not the faerie type BTW) so that the Cequin couldnt hear.

(Obviously this has been translated)
"I think GPF know were Serph pilots." Zach's face grimmed when he spoke.
"Definitely. This once again proves my point of Zaulu taking over. The droid, and now this treatment for supposedly normal citizens. Not that we are normal citizens."
"Yeah... I wonder why this berserker cell mate is here anyway?"
"Probably some crime or another. Big question: NOW WHAT?"
"OK: Plan A: We say we are totally innocent from wahtever they are accusing us from and if the lock us up permanently, we break out and hide on some remote mining facility or something..." The both fell silent for awhile. The Cequin broke the silence.
"I can understand Sprientan perfectly." She grinned. Odysseus though that the grin represented a black widow spider about to eat a tasty fly. Odysseus switched to Basic.
"Well thats nice." He returned a fake grin.
"Well im also willing to escape, human. Even if you are Serph troopers, you wont escape this place."
"We are not troopers, we are 1st stage pilots, you piece of Terteth you-know-what! If we had our ships id blast you to bits," said Odysseus, snarling.
"This conversation isint going anywhere. We have to escape from this infernal cell." Zach cut in.
"How then, sprite? This is a high-security cell." The Cequin sounded calm.
"Watch and learn," said Odysseus. He clicked his finger near his left boot and a wafer-thin decoder came out of a secret compartment. Zach did likewise and a long piece of wire emerged from his boot. Odysseus sticked the decoder on the electric lock and Zach began fiddling with the manual lock. After 2 minutes both were open.
"Keep laughing, human. The guards wont be happy." Odysseus and Zach did not respond, and stormed down the corridor. The Cequin decided this was a lucky chance, and ran after them.
"Oh so your coming after all," said Zach. Odysseus said shush, and they slowed down to a halt. A guard was in front of them, on an un-scheduled coffee break. With a swift punch to temple the guard was in dreamland. Odysseus relieved him of his bolt rifle and Zach took his helmet. They ran to the exit, shot down the 2 guards at the door and freedom was almost there. Suddenly the alarm sounded, followed by the sound of a dozen guard running down the main hall.
"OMG were done for."
"Not yet Zach. When we were brought here I noticed some speeder bikes at the back of the..." Odysseus was interrupted by a laser bolt narrowly missing his head and brushing against his right ear. They ran to the back of the building, and there they were, 5 speeder bikes.
"Ok, lets get out of here." The trio sped off, with the droid guards running behind. The guards never caught them.

They halted at a local entertainment and beverage facility (basically thats a cafeteria but the SE wanted to be fancy) to still their hunger and formulate a plan to get off Iziz.
"I say we get our ships back right away and get off this jungle planet. Maybe we can hit Furmastar..."
"Impossible," declared the Cequin. "Your ships have no doubt been destroyed, and they will most positively lie and wait for you at the docks."
"True," admitted Odysseus. "Zach's plan is incorrect. I say we get some credits on the fast way then buy some smugglers ship."
"Not a bad idea, but do we really have to use the fast way?"
"What on Iziz is "the fast way" sprite and human?" Odysseus looked reluctant to answer so Zach replied.
"Well the fast way is illegel, namely: give me all your money, holt them up with a bolt rifle etc. etc. Serph pilots call it "the fast way"."
"Yes it could work... Give me the bolt rifle," demanded the Cequin. Without waiting for an answer she snatched the weapon and walked up to the manager.
"THIS IS A ROBBERY!!! EVERYONE OUT! You, manager, give me all your money or ill shoot a neat hole in your torso!" Panic erupted, and everyone fleed out of the building except Odu and Zach. The manager was white with fear and was stuffing money into the Cequin's carry bag.
"Thank you, kind manger. We will be leaving. Come, sprite and human." The Cequin calmly walked out of the cafeteria.
"Well, i cant say that wasint effective." Odysseus looked impressed.
"How much did you get? And can you stop saying "sprite and human"? Its getting really annoying. Im Zach and this is Odysseus Ares. I dont have a surname. Whats your name?" The Cequin look taken aback, but answered the question nonetheless.
"Im called Quentia Zkdralin. Pleasure to meet you, Zach. We made about 5 million basic credits in contract forms and 500 000 BC in money. I counted it." Zach looked overjoyed.
"Well, Quentia, lets go buy a ship. Zach, can you get supplies? Give him the money. Follow me Quentia." Zach dissappeared into a ship supplies shop and Odysseus went to the nearest shipyard. After half an hour of negotiating with the shipyard owner they bought a very nice ship, with hyperdrive, mediocore engine speed, 2 dormitories, 2 cargo holds, c***pit, main hold and 2 plasma turrets, called the Thunderbolt. Zach came, helped by a dozen other people with the supplies. They departed, and ignored the Iziz docks asking their ship ID.
"We'll go to Furmastar and find out what happened. I trust you have a lot of contacts there, right Zach?" Zach nodded and Odu ordered Zach to go in hyperdrive. He went to check on Quentia, and she was meditating. He went to his own dormitory, and rested.

End chapter two.

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Episode I: The Zaulu Reign

Chapter Three: The way to Furmastar

Odysseus awoke feeling quite refreshed and monstrously thirsty. He clambered from his bunk, and went to the cargo hold to fetch some water. He got himslef an informal breakfast of bread and fish too, and sat down to eat back in his dormitory. He ate silently, wondering why Quentia was even with them, and if they were at Furmastar yet. Being within Furmastar’s system didnt mean that you were about to dock there. It was a long process to dock with Furmastar because of the recent Furmastar-Durnsk war, which meant thorough inspection of every ship.

After eating his breakfast, Odu went to check on Zach. He found him fast asleep in the pilot chair.
"Zach, wake up!" He shaked Zach a little.
"Mss frg grklr..." Zach stirred in his sleep. Odu shaked a little more, and Zach awoke with a little groan.
"Ah man Odysseus, why did you wake me? Its hardly... WOW! Its 10 o clock already! Mustve slept in..."
"Where are we?"
"Well, were in Furmastar's system, and I docked us on a remote asteroid near Furmastar because I wanted some sleep. Hows the Cequin?"
"The "Cequin" has a name, Zach. Its worse than she calling us human and sprite!"
“Since when have you started liking that piece of…”
“Since she lightened up, and I don’t totally like her, she may be of help, that’s all. And I recommend you lighten up as well.”
“Fine. Though I have an important question, namely, whats our objective?”
Odysseus sighed. He himself didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Going to Furmastar seemed dumber by the minute, and with Serphia likely captured, he didn’t really know where to go.
“Well, lets just find out about the situation. Then we’ll start worrying about what to do.”
“Go check on the Cequin. I hope she hasn’t done something drastic already! Like blowing up the engine or something!”
“Haha Zach, like we wont notice the engine being blown up. And lighten up, and stop with the sarcasm.” Odysseus went to check on Quentie anyway, and found she was wide awake, busy watching a personal holovid. When he entered the room she immediately put the holovid away, and tried to look innocent, succeeding only in making Odu very suspicious.
“Whats that?”
“Fine. You saw it.”
“Saw what? What were you watching?” Quentia looked very sad and guilty when she answered him.
“It’s a holorecord from the police station. It shows Krean’s execution.”
“Who the heck is Krean?”
“My, well, you human would call it a boyfriend I guess… though he was my Fseqea in Cequina. It means not being married, but more than a friend…” For some reason, Odysseus didn’t like this Krean very much. He couldn’t explain it to himself.
“Well, that’s strange, I gotta admit. Anyway, um, are you alright? Just wanted to check on you, and um, that’s that.” Odysseus felt very foolish for some reason.
“Yes, I am fine. Your concern is noted, Odysseus. What is your surname?” Quentia was immediately a little more pleasant.
“Ares. Why do you ask?”
“Well, I have always found it strange that some species have two names. I think you mentioned your surname earlier, but I just didn’t remember it seems.”
“That’s well, that then… I guess… well ill go back to Zach then. Well, um, see you round.” Odu cursed himself for sounding like a total idiot. He went to Zach in the c***pit, and Zach had a wide grin on his face.
“Why the big smile?”
“Oh, nothing, nothing.”
“Haha, very funny Zach. Are we near the blockade yet?”
“No, I was waiting for you.” Zach sent the ship in Furmastars direction. Within a few minutes they were near it, a massive oceanic planet, with no land in sight.
“Um, Jenter main docks is closed, and Weeqay authorities is broadcasting a warning signal constantly… We could go to Vssok, but its swarming with Felucia, thanks to the Drunsk war… I don’t think the dock blockade is such a big problem anymore, since we cant even land!”
“Well Zach, just go too Vssok.” Zach grunted a yes, and increased the ship speed. They orbited the planet about 67 degrees before Zach sent the ship down to Vssok, one of the three main elevated docks on Furmastar. Furmastar had extensive ocean wildlife, and a drifting settlement was built by the Serphs several centuries before. Nowadays it sported 2.3 million inhabitants, which is a lot considering the short time from Weeqay’s creation. Also, all the buildings were a few hundred meters above the water, held there by huge titanium pillars, planted in the bottom of the great Furmastar ocean.
“Odu, im receiving a message from some Colonel Trayk. Patching it through…”
A very unpleasant voice crackled over the speakers:
“Ah, the Thunderbolt. I was told to expect your arrival. I don’t know your business on Furmastar, but it ends here!” The message was followed by a beep from the radar console.
“A few Zaulu fighters coming our way! Get us underwater Zach! This thing is waterproof!”
“No! Go to the northen pole! Coordinates 1284-4556-2566! There is a separate settlement there, a secret one. I hid there from the Zaulu once. It is a Felucian-Human settlement.”
Odysseus jumped. He didn’t hear Quentia coming in.
“Ok Zach, listen to her. Get us…” Odysseus was interrupted by a loud bang, which shook the ship, followed by a second one.
“There goes our main hyperdrive engines, and communications! They’ve fired ING bots! Man the turret! Its still 1 hour to this so called settlement!” Odysseus immediately clambered up the turret ladder, and activated the turret procedure.

End Chapter Three

Advanced Poster
Location: Odus Nanosuit

Date: 28/2/2008 at 19:31

Ok, just to note:

A Cequin is very humanoid, and has a darkish green skin. Males are known to have very large heads, resembling a big melon. Females have strange "lekku's" growing out of the side-back of their heads, and look ( I must say it) A LOT better then males. The lekku look a lot like hair.

Furmastar: water
Mustafar: Volcanic

Im totally ripping off George Lucas, but hey.

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Date: 28/2/2008 at 19:32

Also, serphs are basically members of the serph empire, mainly human.

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