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Date: 12/7/2008 at 16:38

As I stood surveying the empire I had created, I wondered how it had all come to pass. Was it luck? Was I actually good at what I did? I had never thought so myself. But I suppose it is not down to me to decide, it is down to whoever writes the history books. And that is always the victor, and with this coming battle I was not sure whether that would be me or not.

I realised my second in command, John, was looking at me. "What are you thinking about?" he asked me quietly.

"Nothing. Nothing at all my good friend. Just what will happen, and what has happened" I replied.

"Whats going to happen is we are going to kick the asses of these little upstarts, and then go back home to find ourselves some loose women and a bottle of whiskey!" He said a little loudly, as most of the crew on the bridge looked round with a smirk on their faces. It was hard for me not to smile. John was an efficient second in command, and a hard teacher. Not many people saw him like this, but the crew knew him well, and appreciated his skill.

"I was thinking about strengthening the Kreatos frontier. You know what the Traxians have been like lately. The reports suggest that they are gearing up for combat, but against whom we are not sure. If it against the Zaulu then we can probably leave them to their own devices." I said looking at the gravidar screen at the layout of the two fleets in the battle.

"Aye, that we could" Said John "But it is more likely that Zaulu will come to us asking for support, we all know they neither side will be able to win a war. But with our help they could do, and the Traxians are too stubborn to ask for our help".

It was true, both sides were economically powerful, and both had large fleets. Neither side held and advantage over the other, and neither had the superior fire power of our ships.

I think here would be a good point to give you some background information. We are human. We are the forgotten race. About 4 millennia ago, our system was destroyed in a catastrophic supernova. No-one knew it was coming, and no-one survived. Save us. Humanity had conquered the final frontier, and was colonising hundred of planets and moons all around the Sol. With this came new minerals, alloys, materials, and most of all, more expansion. We were so focused on expanding our frontiers that we just forgot about our home system. When pollution became a problem, we just left the planet. We were like a nest of ants, ever growing, ever consuming, and only thinking about expanding. Planets started to rebel in the end, wanting a better way of life. And one of these upstarts, actually won against the Earth forces. The command of these forces, Tychondrius, actually united the Earth colonies. He created a better system of government, he focused our resources, not just on expansion, but on sorting out the problems we had on existing colonies.

But it was too late by then. We had lost all ties in the Sol system, and we never knew that the Sun was going supernova. Luckily, Tychondrius had prepared for what was coming. Not because he knew, but because he feared for the end of the human race.

A single fleet of 20 ships were sent to a nearby galaxy. We were an outpost, known only to Tychondrius. We took all the information of our race, all of the technological advances with us. We took warriors, farmers, traders, scientists, every imaginable profession was in that fleet. We were to become a second Empire, we would continue to expand in this new galaxy, and we would one day meet up with the other earth colonies if all went well.

Instead, 25 years after the setting up of the first colony, our sensor picked up a super nova in the Sol System. It destroyed nearly everything. The only things to remain were a few colonies in the outer systems of space, which soon fell to anarchy and were consumed by internal struggles. A few survived and came through the anarchy, but they were left a mere husk of what they were formerly. All technological advances were lost to them, and they never really found them again.

But we prospered. And we never forgot the blue planet. Our technology came on in leaps and bounds. We bred, we created a new government, we created a small fleet for defence and we created another smaller fleet, for colonisation. It took us 150 years, but colonised another new planet. We could have done it sooner, but we had learnt from our past mistakes. We made sure our current colony was stable, and then decided to move out into other worlds. In another 20 years, we colonised a second planet. With these three planets, new minerals were found. New alloys were created, and trade flourished.

After 1,000 years, we had 60 Planets and 52 moons in our new empire. We had stopped expanding, and started to focus on defence instead as our new emperor realised that soon enough, we would meet another race. Whether hostile or not. We already knew there were other races out there, we had found their cities. But always abandoned and in ruins. We never knew why. But they were there, and we knew we would soon find them.

Huge fleets were created, and defence platforms were created. Galactic Defence Forces were positioned at "Forts" along the trade lanes, much like the romans in their time.

It was not long after that that we found another race. The Zaulu to be precise. They entered one of our systems with a huge war fleet, or rather, one of the factions entered our system. They were here to move against the Vaxetan race. But instead, they came to discover we were here. They only found 3 of our planets. The original three colonies. But they could see we were technologically superior, they asked for our assistance.

We declined. We are not a warring race. We had left that behind when we had bonded with the machines. But we offered them a pact where we would be non-aggressive with them. After several years of talks they realised we were not going to give in any further, they left. Thinking we were but a small empire based on peace and trust. Over the next 200 years, we came into contact with over 40 different other species, each one discarding us as if we were nothing but a spec of dirt on the galactic map.

We stayed away from them and their wars, and they left us too our own devices.

Eventually we met a race that were as technologically advanced as us. Or nearly as advanced anyway. They were did not have the peace loving nature of our civilisation, and they declared war on us. Now we are at war, the other races pay attention. They see these mighty fleets appear from no-where, as if we had just created them on these three planets within the last week. They still have not found our other planets, and we do not think they will either. They see how we fight, and they want us as allies.

And this where we are today. In the heat of battle, at the beginning of a war, and at the beginning of great things to come.

I am Sasha Zylev IV, High Commander of his Imperial Majesties Royal Guard and Grand Admiral of the Imperial Fleet.

And I am Different.

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