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Date: 16/7/2009 at 22:51

yh but thats alright for u crazy cus u can defend, but what if somone not as good at defending/attacking as you gets to the top 10, then they stand no chance, you or somone else at the top will be racing to take his score and he will be back at 0 in a few hours

that pretty much what happened last round, very few people made it to 10m score, cus me u or bremmer would all race to get the 10% score, alongside the 500% bonus and the points in battle. the only reason very little made it past the 10m mark was because it was worthless to attack them any more as that 10% didnt account for nothing

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Location: Australia

Date: 17/7/2009 at 0:34

Either way they should still lose imo

I loathe the thought of having to remove guardians/pillagers. All the intertwines in the code. ugh. They'll stay until the new version.

As you know there is a new version being worked on for Atorian. I dont really want to spend too much time on this old horse when i could spend time on the new one, which will/has surpass/ed this version. That said what you would like to see is duly-noted and where applicable should be applied in the next version

"getting rid of guardians and pillagers and if you win a battle you get some moons, if u loose you dont, that would go in faviour or people not deleting fleets."

Thats not true at all. If you have no moons then players will delete their ships to hide there score from being attacked and stolen (10% rule). If you have moons and not much score people delete their fleet to hide their moons from being stolen. If you have both moons and score ppl are still deleting ships to hide both.

"getting rid of this 10% from the opponents score shud be scr@pped, which would also go in faviour of people leaving there fleets up"

Again not true, episode 5a clearly showed that players would attack then delete fleets. For those that dont remember there was no pillagers/guardians and no 10% rule. It didnt work then, it wont work now

From what i can see is players are happy to gain the 10% from whoever they attack, but when it comes time that they lose a battle its not fair they lose 10% because they might lose a position/s in the rankings. The reason the 10% rule was brought in was for the sole purpose of a player not being able to get to a point in the game where their score couldnt be caught upto. Bigfoot was a player in that position and he felt it wasnt fair on the other players that they just didnt stand a chance of catching upto him and suggested the change be implemented to make it more fun/challenging.

To be honest if you have 600mil score and you lose a battle then you simply attack someone else and get some more score back, however you couldnt do that last round because everyone was hiding. Players shouldnt have anywhere to hide except behind their fleets.

This round will be different, will it be what i hope it to be? Im not sure - every round changes with round changes. Problems get fixed and new problems pop up. But people forget about last rounds problems that are fixed and focus on the current rounds problems that have arisen. Which in a way keeps things good in the game i think. Why? because people change the way they play

I believe players should expect their scores to fluctuate a fair bit this round much to their horror :-)

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Location: Goochy Bean Field

Date: 17/7/2009 at 11:30

as the way things were last round deleting fleets made sense and the smarter players used that tactic

frustrating me as well as all the other players looking to gain good scores

no matter what if the MR is the tool used to determine a potential target then it only makes sense that to have a lower MR is beneficial

if you could not delete fleets then making new designs will become difficult as new techs are made available to a player

the retaliation thing has some good points to it to help balance a players losses and ability to get his score back however making a player keep his fleet up for defense is a hard thing to motivate

the sugestion i made about the defending player getting the 10 % score bonus last round gives a player incentive to try to make a defensive fleet that will challange a player to kill yourt fleet buit the risk of the attacker loosing 10 % of his score will make battles be kinda 1 sided to make sure of victory

i know there is a balance somewhere and with everyone adding their thoughts i am sure pesti and the other programmers will find a solution

my thoughts on this if im not too stoned to think streight

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Location: Bishops stortford, England

Date: 17/7/2009 at 20:16

Yeah, Pesti I was unable to think of a deffinitive immediate solution, so my ideas were more for the new round and for others to expand them into workable short term ideas. More thought provoking than a solution.

As Whistler said, it is a question of balance. And at the moment everything is out of balance so to get a good and long term solve for this, would require a total re-balance on everything and new coding. Which is not, as you said, what you want when you are currently working a new episode anyway. No point whipping a dead horse... Or something like that >_>

Location: UK

Date: 18/7/2009 at 1:57

so are we giving up on creating quick and easy solutions and just getting on with what this episode is?

and are we able to still provide input for the next episode or is there too much info/change in it allready

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Location: Australia

Date: 19/7/2009 at 0:01

I guess i should clear things up a little. Currently Atorian is undergoing a new release, this means that it will start at (im guessing) Atorian V2.0.a and then go through V2.0.b, V2.0.c etc while its in a beta testing phase. When it releases to the public it will be called (something like) Atorian V2 release 1.0.

The version of Atorian this is currently being played is Atorian V1 Episode 5 Part IV. This version will continue with Part V, Part VI etc until V2 is released to the public.

Input is always wanted from players on the next version, however some input just simply may not be relevant to the new version. We're keeping the new version's details fairly secret at the moment until we see if all can be achieved first. There will be alot of improved features within the game, some features that players are familiar with will change to become more realistic. A lot of ideas by the owner of Atorian - David Barr -will be implemented as best we can.

Input is also accepted for the next Part to be released - in this case Part V, just be aware that i will only make minor changes so that i can spend my time on Version 2.


Date: 19/7/2009 at 16:27

I tested what happens when the defending empire has no ships and got this:

15:15 19/07/2009 - Military - You attacked the 4 Empires fleet and won. You gained 0 experience points and stole 0 moons!

So it's a win, but since you get 0 experience points there's not a lot of point. If the retaliation thing is going to work then you need to win 10% of their score here as well, or else people will continue deleting their fleets anyway. At the moment they lose nothing when they delete, even if they can still be attacked.

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Location: Australia

Date: 20/7/2009 at 0:52

doh.. i knew there was something else i had to do. Too many things to remember lol. Ill try and fix it tonight. You should get moons & score. Let you know when ive fixed it

Location: UK

Date: 21/7/2009 at 4:23

well, he should only get moons if he sends Pillagers with the attacking force. the score definately should have been scored from this battle as he won.

have fun fixing it Pesti


Date: 9/8/2009 at 21:27

At the moment you still get 0 if they have only guardians at home. Any chance you could fix that, Pesti? ;)

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