Episode 5 Part II

04/05/2008Hello to all Atorians,

Due to a technical problem on my end with my ISP i had to push the restart back 24hrs.

The reset has been successful and all players can now rejoin. The results of last round will be up shortly on the community forums. During this round i am hoping to bring on at least one more programmer to help me out. During this round we will be working on:
- making the game more easier to understand for players
- removing sections of the game that havent really bloomed
- making minor alterations to existing parts of the game to make the overall game more playable
- and playing with bugs

This also means the testing site will be used again to those players who were part of the testing team.

Good luck to everyone on the new round

- Pestilence
Team Atorian

Author: Pestilence