Ship Cost Adjustment

05/10/2008Hello all,

I have just made a game change in order to resolve a game issue. Before now it was possible to create a larger ship class vessel for a cheaper cost then a smaller class. Although this can still be possible to a degree the effects will be less noticeable.

What does this mean for you?
All ships (excluding ships given to starter player and Fighter class ships) have increased in cost. The costs for each class of ship has been increased by the following:

Strikers will have a base cost of:
1500 Credits
2000 Metals
2000 CF
2000 Ziton

Scions will have a base cost of:
3000 Credits
4000 Metals
8000 CF
4000 Ziton

Destroyers will have a base cost of:
8000 Credits
10000 Metals
10000 CF
8000 Ziton

Battleships will have a base cost of:
16000 Credits
20000 Metals
25000 CF
15000 Ziton

Titans will have a base cost of:
20000 Credits
25000 Metals
30000 CF
20000 Ziton

What noticeable changes will you see?
- There will be a noticeable change in MRs (Military Ratings) -> these will increase.
- There will also be a change in battles in regards to experience points. A Fighter killing a Scion will gain the experience points they deserve rather then in some cases where they gained less points then a Scion was gaining vs the same Fighter.
- The costs of all ships have now increased - due to this reason i may need to make some changes to the income of planets. I will monitor this over the next week.

These are not final stats and if need be i will make changes in order to make the game better and more realistic

Good luck with the changes
- Andy
Author: Pestilence