Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find targets to attack?
Go to the rankings page and find a target to attack. Your target must have a military ranking of 60% and above of your military ranking.
The Military Rankings page is perfect for this because you can only attack players who have a military ranking.

How do I explore?
First you will need to build up your planet until you have used 50% of the available land. You should then be allowed to explore for another planet.

Where do I report a bug?
On the forum in Technical Issues. Right now there is an option when you log in that gives you a link to the Technical Issues section of the forum.

What do the weapons do?
Weapons are the offensive capability of your ships (you will be thinking "well duh"). The better they are the lower down on the list they are. This also divides the ranges, from long to medium to short.

What does the Ammo do?
The strength of the weapon also relies on the type of ammunition that is used. Electrolytic Capacitors are not as good as Photon Pulse Charges for your ships.

What does the armour do?
Armour is the physical defence of your ships. It makes up the hull of your ships and helps to keep your ships from blowing up in combat. Armour gets stronger as you go down the armour list, but the cost also varies. You must have some armour on your ships for logical reasons in a space based game.

What do the shields do?
Shields are a stronger type of armour capable of taking more punishment before succumbing to the enemy. They are more expensive however, and do not fulfil the hull requirements for your designs.

What do the engines do?
The engine is used as one part to determine the order of who gets to fire first in a battle. The better engine you have on your ship the faster your ship will be and it will shoot before other slower ships.

Help me, I am stuck, where can I find help?
If you need help and there is not an answer here in the manual post a message in the forum. Forum users are always willing to help players. It may even be added to this page.

How much does each ship class weigh?
Fighter = 40
Striker = 75
Scion = 120
Destroyer = 170
Battleship = 380
Titan = 500

You should also find the information for this question on the Military page of the Manual.

How do I add another empire to my account?

First click on Configuration. You will then be prompted to log in, as normal, then select Add Empire from the list.

What is Protection?
In Atorian the protection feature is twofold. First if you attack someone then you cannot attack them for 8 hours. The same happens if you are attacked, that person cannot attack you for 8 hours. Secondly if you lose 50% of your fleet then you will enter into protection for 24 hours. This is to allow you to rebuild safely.
Last updated by: Sol
On: 26th of October 2007