This is where you can see your ranking among the whole of the Atorian players.

Here you can find what rank you are in the universe. The higher your score is, the higher your rank.
The first part of the ranking section shows empires that are closely ranked around your empire. The second part shows the top 50 ranking empires.

This page contains the current top 50 players of all the races.

- Military
This is where you can see the military score of people near you and people with the top fleets

This is where you can see the number of moons that each player has.

- Traxian
This is where you can see the Traxian Rankings

- Vaxeta
This is where you can see the Vaxeta Rankings

- Zaulu
This is where you can see the Zaulu Rankings

- Government’s
This section shows you the current combined score of all members of each race.

Targets to attack can also be found in this section.

Players that have Protected after their military ranking have lost 50% of their fleet and cannot be touched for 12 hours (or until the Protection is not next to their name). You cannot attack the same person twice in 8 hours.

Nothing On the Ranking Pages is Interactive they are just browsing Pages

Last updated by: Sol
On: 14th of January 2008