Class – Each ship has a ‘Class’ type, classes are determined by the size of the ships, there are 6 classes, these are (in order of smallest to largest) fighter, striker, scion, destroy, battleship and Titan.

Cold Fusion - A energy type resourc.

Credits – Credits is what makes the universe go round, its also better known as money.

Mail – A section within the game that allows you to send and receive messages to/from other empires.

Metal - A resource that is used to build ships and fund technologies.

Retreat Setting – This is a setting used to determine the amount of damage you are willing to lose in a battle before you fleet should retreat. This is also referred to as ‘Wimpy Mode’.

Wimpy Mode – Refer to Retreat Setting.

Ziton – A gas type resource that powers shields and weapons.
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On: 14th of February 2007