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Atorian - A Massively Multiplayer Browser Based Space Strategy Game

New Player

Game Account Details
To play Atorian you first need to create a Game Account. Your Game Account contains your login details and an email address.

Game Account Username:
This is the username you will use to login to Atorian, this must be unique. Your username is not visible in Atorian, no one should know it other than your self.
Game Account Password:
You will use you password along with your username to login to your Game Account.
Confirm Password:
Valid Email Address:
You email address is stored so that should you lose your username and password you can retrieve it. Atorian will never give you email address to anyone else and will not use it to send you email without your permission.
Would you like to receive emails about future version releases of the game (roughly once every 4 to 5 months)?

Default Empire Details
Once you start playing Atorian you become the ruler of your own empire. If you wish you can rule more than one Empire and manager several at one time. Each player has a Default Empire, your default empire will be the empire you take control of when you first login to Atorian, once logged in you can switch back and forth to other Empire you own. You can also change which Empire is your Default Empire within the game at any time. Please enter your Default Empire details below.
Default Empire Name:
Your empire name is visible in Atorian, you will be known and referred to by your empire name. For example if your empire name was Human, you would be known as The Human Empire.
Default Empire Race:
Your Race is the Race your Empire belongs to.

By signing up to and playing Atorian you are agreeing to abide by the Atorian game rules. We advise all players to read the rules. To view the rules click here.